Features of Hotmail Account

So, you can see all the great features which Hotmail provides you.

  1.  The security feature of Hotmail has increased a lot from before. Now they have introduced HTTPS protection to make all the users protected from Phishing attacks and the email receiving and sending process more secure. If you have used Gmail then you might found this feature, now it’s available in Hotmail.
  2. Now using the Microsoft Office Web Apps, you can easily view, edit and share your document easily without any computer. You just have to mail the Office document to yourself and that document will be automatically saved in the Hotmail cloud storage. After that you can easily view those files whenever you want without computer.
  3. Sometimes it happens that both you and your friend wants to work together on a same document, now it is possible using Hotmail. Just click on the file which is present in the senders Skydrive account. While editing the documents you can view who are editing the same document with you. Similarly you can view what are the changes made by them on that document.
  4. It may be very familiar to you that, you need to edit any document which you have received and send again to the sender. On that situation, usually you download the document, edit that file and send back the document. But in Hotmail, you can edit documents online, save that and send it back to the sender easily.
  5. Do you ever thought you can big files using email? Yes, it is now possible with Hotmail. Hotmail allows you to send huge files in a single files. The maximum size of the files should be 10 GB. Basically, when you send any huge file in Hotmail it automatically saved in Skydrive. So, when a user receives you email, instead of any file he/she receive a link for that file. Whenever the receiver click on that link, the download begins from that moment.
  6. If you send any image to anyone, he/she will receive the image link along with he/she can also make slideshow of the images or see the preview before downloading. That all without Windows Live ID. If you have any ID then you can also share comments for that images.
  7. Now you don’t have to store all your emails in a single window of inbox. In Hotmail you will find filters like Social Updates, Emails from groups and others  in a single inbox.
  8. On the left side of the inbox, you will find some filters, one of them is “Photos”. If you wish to see only those emails which have images then you can click on that “Photos” filter and you will the results. Along with photos there are some their filters available like “Documents”. So, finding the right emails has become much easier.
  9. Whenever someone sends you any image or video link, you need to open that file link in new tab in order to watch and view it. But in Hotmail you can see the image or watch the video within the email inbox. Along with viewing images you can also make slide shows of those images easily. Not only images and videos but if anyone sent send friend request you in Hotmail and you get the notification for the same, then you can accept or reject that friend request from the Hotmail inbox itself. Very useful isn’t it?
  10. Another useful feature is auto completion which you can find in Hotmail. So, whenever you type something on the search box, you will get option to select from the suggestions below. Really time saver isn’t it?
  11. Sometimes we do conversation with others via email. To find all your conversations, Hotmail has the conversation filter which helps you to find the conversations which you had with others together.
  12. Sometimes you might receive newsletters which are annoying or there might be some emails which you wish to read later. If you are a Hotmail user then you will get a “SWEEP” option using which you can easily move all the emails to any specific from where you can find and read those emails later on. Similarly, you can select the “delete all from..” option to delete those messages. Simple and useful.
  13. In any other email service you might notice there is only SPAM folder present. But in Hotmail there are two sub-categories named as “SPAM” and “GREY MAIL”. In Grey mail you will receive newsletters or marketing email right away and on the spam folder you will receive unwanted emails or spam mails. The spam filtering is based on IP address blocking which is one of the best feature of Hotmail to prevent spammers.
  14. If you are inside the Hotmail inbox, you can easily chat with your friends from there easily with them without opening any more tab or window. On the bottom left the friends list will be visible and you can see who are online and who are offline. When you will click the name of your friend, a chat box will pop up right there. So, emailing and chatting on the same inbox is more fun and easy..
  15. Using the Hotmail highlight option you can see from whom you received the most emails, social updates etc, easily.

I hope you are now all set to create a Hotmail account and also know hotmail login process. You have also learned the process of how to reset your passwords if you forgot it. Now I hope you will enjoy the great features of Hotmail without any issues. Thanks for reading till the end.


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