How to Sign in your Hotmail account

If you have already created your Hotmail account successfully but not knowing how to get access to your account then here you can get a guide for how to login to your already created account. Here are the steps that will let you to login your Hotmail account easily and successfully. I hope this will be helpful to you.

1. For logging into your account, you will again need to go to “” as I have said in the guide for how to sign up a new Hotmail account.

2. Here in this webpage you will get few things like “Username”  box and “Password” box.

3. After giving your username and password in their respective box click on the “Sign in” button

4. Do not forget to click on the “keep me signed in” because this will keep your account logged in from your PC.

So this is all you need to do for accessing your Hotmail account. So if you don’t know how to login your Hotmail account, I guess this will help you out on logging in your Hotmail account successfully.

This is all steps that you need to follow to login and now comes how to check Hotmail login history. This steps is needed because maximum time when you think that your Hotmail is being accessed by other unknown people or if you feel that your email is checked before you then you can use this steps to get notification on how much time your Hotmail account was opened in a day.


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